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  • 『万葉集』のテキストは木下正俊校訂『萬葉集 CD-ROM版』(塙書房、2001年)に拠りますが、題詞の訓読方法や、訓読文に用いる漢字等、一部私に改めた箇所があります。
  • 題詞や左注のうち、その歌の直前・直後にはなくてもその歌を含む歌群全体にかかっているものについては、( )に入れて記した場合もあります。
  • 万葉集の読み下し・現代語訳・原文等については、当サイト・万葉歌碑に設置した看板・伏木周辺万葉歌碑マップで異なる場合があります。


  • 当サイトへのリンクは、原則自由です。




Site Policy

Quotation from the Man’yōshū Text

  • Quotation from the Man’yōshū text is based on the Man’yōshū (CD-ROM version) edited by Masatoshi Kinoshita (Hanawa Shōbō, 2001); part of the Japanese readings (kun-reading) of the prefaces and kanji used in the Japanese readings of the poems have been revised internally.
  • Prefaces and notes applying to an entire group of poems, even if not immediately placed before or after a given poem, are sometimes provided in parentheses.
  • The transliteration, modern translation, and original text, etc., of the Man’yōshū used in the articles of this website may differ from the sign descriptions near poetry monuments and from the map of “Pilgrimage of Man’yoshū Poetry Monuments – 24 Monuments in Fushiki Area-”.

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  • In principle, links to this website are permitted without prior contact.
    Please note that it is possible for linking issues to occur due to updates in webpage configuration, and that page content is subject to change without prior notice.

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Takaoka City Personal Information Protection Ordinance
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The collected personal data will be managed appropriately, and necessary measures will be taken to prevent leakage, misappropriation, falsification, etc., as well as to ensure accuracy.
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In addition to the above, information posted on this website which can be used to identify a specific individual will be managed appropriately, in the same way as personal information obtained through the website.